Argumentative Essay

Outline of an Argumentative Essay

Should IVF be permitted in our country?

There are a lot of people that have fertility problems. All over the world, thanks to our scientific development, people opts for having a baby with the IVF method. What does this mean? In vitro fertilization is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. It is a major treatment for infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. In Costa Rica, people can’t chose this alternative because it is banned. The catholic religion is a very strong influence in our country, there are lots of catholic objections against IVF and because of this, our government doesn’t permit this process inside the country. I think that IVF should be an option for people who have fertility problems in our country because they have the right of having a family, it is a safe procedure and there have been good results in other countries that permit it.

Having a familiy is one of the first human rights that we learn as kids. These rights must not be disrespected by our country’s governmental regulations. Studies have shown that people who are happier are people who have a family, we can noticed living our own lives that this is true. Family is what is really meaningful for most people, at home is where we learn the most essential values that stay with us forever and that we can teach to our own offspring. In our family is where we learn the real meaning of love and everybody deserves it. People deserves having their own family and IVF is one way of having one.

IVF is a safe procedure, the risk of having secondary efects goes under the 1%. The scientific, medical and technologycal advances that we hace these days make people trust that this method is safe and effective.The success rate of IVF clinics depends on a number of factors including patient characteristics and treatment approaches. Women in Costa Rica should be able to have this chance, knowing that they won’t sufferany kind of risk.

Our country should follow other countries’, which permit IVF, steps. There have been great results on those countries, two of them are the United States, Israel and Australia. In the USA 126 procedures are performed per million people per year. In there, an average cycle, from egg retrieval to embryo implantation, costs $12,400, and insurance companies that do cover treatment, even partially, usually cap the number of cycles they pay for. In Australia, the average age of women undergoing ART treatment is 35.5 years among those using their own eggs (one in four being 40 or older) and 40.5 years among those using donated eggs. Israel has the highest rate of IVF in the world, with 1657 procedures performed per million people per year. It provides unlimited free in vitro procedures for its citizens for up to two children per woman under 45 years of age. Our country should follow these examples.

Everybody deserves having a family. We are a 21st century modern society with a great deal of technological, medical and scientific advances. People should respect others decision of choosing IVF for having a child. Costa Rica’s government shouldn’t ban this medical procedure, everyone is different from each other, we are a multicultural country, with different opinions and beliefs. In vitro fertilization should be permitted in this “close minded” country, it has been proven that it is safe and everyone deserves the opportunity of upbringing an family of their own.


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