Emma, Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16

1. Austen writes, “She [Emma] had taken up the idea, she supposed, and made every thing bend to it.” (Pg. 90) In retrospect, in what situations did Emma bend Mr. Elton’s behaviors to reflect her wishes?

Emma knew that Mr. Elton was acting a little weird an different and she used all of her “charm” to match him with Harriet, but what actually happens is that he declares his love to Emma.

2. What negative qualities does Emma see in Mr. Elton after they discuss the possibility of his making a match with Harriet?

He is very interested in money and he isn’t enough interesting for Harriet.

3. How does Emma feel about Mr. Elton setting his heart on her?

She feels upset that her new match won’t work, that she cannot correspond Mr. Elton his love and feels worried about what Harriet would think.

4. What information about all the land in Highbury is revealed in this chapter?

That it belongs to the Churchill family, so it might  influence a union between Frank and Emma.

5. What conclusions does Emma come to about her efforts to bring Harriet and Mr. Elton together?

That it won’t work and she will have to find another match to Harriet.

Chapter 17

1. The narrator  suggests that Isabella is “a model of right feminine happiness.” (Pg. 94) Why might Isabella be considered a model, and what does that tell you about expectations for women during this time period?

She is considered a model because she lives for her husband and children, she is a ideal housewife, those were the expectations for women during this time period: to be a good wife and mother.

2. What is the news about Mr. Elton?

 He is going out of town.

3. How does Harriet react to finding out about Mr. Elton’s feelings for Emma?

 She doesn’t react in a bad way, she takes it calmly and with modesty.

4. Why is it difficult for Harriet to be at school after what has happened?

Beacause she wasn’t prepared enough. She had missed a lot of school.

Chapter 18

1. How does Emma’s behaviour contrast with how she really feels about Frank’s not coming?

She acts indiferently, but really feels that he may be a possible husband for her.

2. What does Mr. Knightley imagine Frank’s personality to be like?

He imagines that Frank is superficial, selfish and kind of a prepotent man.

3. What rumors does Mr. Knightley base his opinions on?

In the rumors of friends from the high society and people of the town.

4. What does Mr. Knightley contend “a man can always do if he chooses”, and how does this relate to Frank? (Pg. 98)

By saying that, he means that a man with a lot of money, as Frank, can do whatever he wants. That is very common in the society they live. 

5. How does Mr. Knightley suggest Frank handle his aunt and uncle?

He suggests that he sees them only as his benefactors.

6. Why does Mr. Knightley believe Frank’s behavior is particularly insulting to Mrs. Weston?

Because he thinks that his behavior is being disrespectuful for her, he may hurt her feelings.

Chapter 19

1. According to Emma what dangers lie in her visiting Mrs. and Miss Bates?

That she is maybe going to see people that is not from the high society.

2. What news is Emma unhappy to find when she visits the Bates and why?

She is unhappy to hear that Miss Bates’ niece, Jane, will be visiting town beacuase she doesn’t like her at all.

3. How would you describe Miss Bates?

She is a happy woman, who is proud of Jane. She loves to be surrounded by a lot of people.

4. Why will Jane Fairfax be visiting?

Jane Fairfax lives with the Campbells that are about to visit their newly married daughter, Mrs. Dixon, so she will come to Highburry.

5. How is Emma triumphant at the end of the visit?

She didn’t want to listen the letter said, so she said that she had a dinner with her dad, so she couldn’t stay more at the Bates house.

Chapter 20

1. What happened to Jane’s parents?

Her father was killed in battle and her mother died of consumption and grief.

2. What social situation was Jane placed in after her mother’s death?

After becoming an horphan, she became poor and then she had a middle class status with the Colonel’s family.

3. How did Colonel Campbell become involved with Jane, and what did he do for her?

Colonel Campbell, took an interest in her well-being and made her part of his household. He provided her an education.

4. What sort of future awaits Jane Fairfax?

She would become a governess.

5. Why does Mr. Knightley think Emma dislikes Jane Fairfax?

Beacause he thinks she is jealous. 

6. What bothers Emma most about how Jane behaves?

It bothers her that Jane is a girl wiyh elegance and very quite. Also that she knows Frank.


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