Writing Activity 1

“Being Bilingual in the 21st century”

Speaking one language is not enough in today’s society. Our actual world has become really exigent and asks us to have a great amount of abilities. Day by day it develops even more than it has, and we, as humans, need to advance so we can live successfully in it. Speaking another language is important for us because we can get more job opportunities, have a better communication with others and have a better lifestyle.

Being bilingual could give you more opportunities regarding your job options. Nowadays it is almost require to know more than one language when you are trying to find a job. It is almost impossible to find a job that doesn’t requires this. Even if you already have a job you could get promotions and opportunities in which you being bilingual might be consider. You must know the importance of being bilingual when you are trying to find a job.

Another advantage from knowing languages is the great development our brain could have. Human brain is in constant develop and learning and this could help it improve its efficiency. By giving it new information you are keeping it sharp so it would be easier for it to work in the future. The brain is a magnificent machine that could be even better by knowing more than one language. It is a really a important advantage from being bilingual specially because it is about our brain sharpness.

Your social skills could also develop increasingly by being bilingual. If you are use to travel a lot then you could meet more people by knowing more languages. In most societies people know a most universal language that in this moment is English but you don’t have to omit the other ones. If you can speak your native language plus English then you could communicate in a lot of places. Having knowledge in languages is a way of meeting people and support yourself in other places.

If you know more than one language you could have more options in finding job, having social skills and it also helps your brain development. There are lots of advantages from it and the ones mention are not every single one. There could be other advantages in other subjects of life you just got to find them. If you just know one language you have to ensure to learn more before it is too late.



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