Peer Editing 1

Checklist for Peer Editing

Name: Fer                                                      Name of Peer Editor: Nicole

Use this checklist when peer editing your partner’s piece.  Include comments (both positive and constructive criticism) below each section so your partner can improve his/her writing.

Yes      No                Topic is clearly stated in the introduction

Yes      No                Position on the topic is clear

Yes      No                Body includes at least three (3) arguments

Yes     No                Paragraphs in the body each propose one main argument

Yes     No               Evidence (like facts, anecdotes, statistics, expert opinions, examples, etc.) supports each argument in the body

Yes     No               Counterargument is included and makes complete sense. It is a strong counterargument

Yes     No               Position is restated in the conclusion

Yes     No                Essay uses strong, forceful words

There are strong words which show variety of language.

Yes     No                Reader is prompted to action in the conclusion

It makes you want to go to NY

Yes      No                Consistent tone is used throughout

She uses a consistent tone which makes the essay interesting.

Yes     No                A variety of sentences are used throughout

There are different types of sentences. There is the use of different tenses.

Yes     No               Linking words and transition words/phrases are used

There are parts of the essay that link or take you to the main idea of the following part.

Yes     No             Spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are accurate

There are no errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation. The structure is well organized.

Yes    No                 The writing is fresh and full of interesting, new ideas

It makes people want to read it, interesting ideas like this particular story are interesting to read. It is not boring.

Yes    No               The writing appears to be a best effort

It is well written and organized.

What is the best part of this writing? Why?

The best part of this writing is the use of a great variety of vocabulary, it makes it more likeful to read. Also that it is a narrative essay, so it is interesting to read a story.

Make one suggestion for improvement: Keep going like that 🙂


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