Essay Correction 1

Is torture ever acceptable?

Torture in some countries is accepted, but for me it is bad. First, you need to know what torture means; it is “the intentional use of physical or psychological pain to gain advantage over an individual”. This kind of pain  has been used since a very long  time ago. It is practiced in a lot of countries, but other ones support the idea of common jails without torturing. Some people support torture because they think that it is a good mechanism for showing people how to act in the right way, but I am against this idea.

Torture, in my opinion, must be eliminated because of all the bad consequences that it causes in a person. It has to be prohibited, I understand that it is a way of making people confess something important, but it disrespects human rights. Someone who receives torture would not be the same again, he or she could be traumatized for a really long time or can even die. Most people think that jail or other punishments must be the way of making someone a “good person”. Torture shouldn’t be a way of punishment. In some countries, like China, it was practiced in some sites, but then they regretted.

Medieval torture was an effective way to extract confession, obtain information and intimidate others, but now using this methods is not acceptable, since hundreds of years ago humanity has had rights that everyone need to respect. Methods of torture involve cruel devices that are not only intended to inflict extreme pain, but also permanently disable the victim, that is an idea that I hope I will never have. I can define torture as the way of killing someone slowly. I think that it should be eliminated in all the countries in which it is practiced, but in some places it is hidden, so it would be almost impossible to eliminate it completely.

Torture was practiced in the past to very mean people, for causing dead o hard pain to someone that had committed a really big crime, I don’t understand why now, in the 21st century, some people want to practice this. According to the Human Rights Watch, this are the countries in which torture is practiced: China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, and Uzbekistan. They have documented the use of torture between 2004 and 2005.

Torture is something that I would never support. It can kill some people for just  giving an answer, even in some cases in which people don’t know the answer they use torture. People have human rights that defend us. Torture is a really bad way of making people confess. It torture has to be eliminated all around the world.


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