Use of commas practice

Correct use of commas

Practice for March 21st, 2013

Underline and correct any Run-on Errors in these sentences:

1. Studying history is important. People need to know about the past in order to better understand   the present.

2. Geography class taught me to identify the location of countries. I learned a lot about the  culture, language, and history of many places I have never been.

3. My sister told me I should meet her in New York .In May she will be starring in a play.

4. I recently took a cooking class. We cooked yakisoba and made sushi, I loved all of it!

5. I hope my future job will involve a lot of travel. I want to visit every continent at least twice.

Paragraph Practice: Please underline and correct the 5 Run-on Errors in the paragraph below.

American Idol has impacted people all around the globe.It made everyone who watched believe they had real talent. Many hopeful contestants were shocked when they were not selected to compete on the real show. Some of them threw tantrums, they screamed and yelled at the judges. This was embarrassing, but it was often funny to watch. Their behaviour demonstrates the way popular culture impacts the goals of young people. There is a negative effect. Author Terry Golway says”Teenagers used to aspire to important professional jobs such as “engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and systems analysts” (331). He claims that now young people just want to become famous for being pop culture icons he thinks this is a dangerous change. This desperate desire for fame explains why some people react so strangely when rejected on American Idol ,they see it as their only option for the future.

Paragraph with 20 Errors: The following paragraph contains 20 errors. Use the “Paragraph Writing: Editing Checklist” as a guide and find the errors. Make corrections and rewrite the paragraph. 


Cell Phones Endanger Drivers

One of the recent developments in modern technology are cellular phones which can be a threat to safety. A study for Donald Redmond and Robert Lim of the university of Toronto , showed that cellular phones poses a risk to drivers. In fact people , who talk by the phone while driving are four times more likely to have an automobile accident than those whom do not. I like to use my cell phone when I am driving because it is convenient. The researchers studied 699 drivers who were in an automobile accident while they were using they’re cellular phones. The researchers concluded that the main reason for the accidents was not that people used one hand for the telephone and the other hand for driving. Instead,  the cause of accidents were usually that the drivers became distracted,angry or upset by the phone call. As a result the drivers’ lost concentration. Many people find that monthly plans are more economical than pre-paid plans.


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